The woman of your dreams is one that may or may not exist. Such is the nature of dreams. I personally use the woman of my dreams as a kind of template off of which I gauge real women. There is a kind of point system although I haven't figured out the exact numbers. Different traits qualify for different point values, but the general idea is that when you meet a person and get to know her, you keep a mental checklist and for every trait of the "dream woman" that the person posesses, they get a certain number of points. For every trait that the person does not posess or is in opposition to, however, they get negative points of the same weight. There are also "bonus points" which aren't necessarily worth negative points if absent, but are worth big positive points if they're present.

When making this kind of checklist, it helps to be as specific as possible. For instance, "She is intelligent" is not as helpful as "She is shrewd and witty, aware of her surroundings, and is whimsically cynical about life."

I'm sure that there are probably a hundred-billion-million of these scattered about Everything, but just as an example, here's ApoxyButt's "Woman of My Dreams Checklist," listed from highest to lowest weightings:


Bonus Points

That's what I've got. Who can one-up me?