I was born on Christmas, so perhaps I don't fit into this node, but I'd rather not be all alone in a new one. My parents always let us kids open our Christmas presents on Christmas Eve, and then come Christmas Day, everybody but me would be done. Then I'd get Christmas all to myself, as far as the present-opening process went.

The biggest pain in the ass has already been mentioned a couple of times. Nobody but NOBODY can party with you when your birthday is on Christmas but your family. My 21st birthday was a blast... as I recall, my celebratory binge drinking consisted of a Southern Comfort and Coke right before dinner, sitting by myself at the bar in the kitchen while everyone else bustled around making food. At least I was at a bar, I guess. Whoopee.

My advice? Whatever you do, don't get born on Christmas. Wisdom for the ages, that is.