This dilemma has confused me for quite some time. Who came up with the single number dress size system, and what were they thinking?

As a guy, I'm used to having things laid out on the line for me. If I want pants, I look for the ones that say 32-32, indicating 32 waist, 32 inseam. Your average woman, however, would go out to buy pants and look for a size 6. What's going on here?? Don't women need numbers too? There have got to be more measurements going on here, like for the hips, but they're ALL covered by one number?

This strikes me as insane. The one-number system would have to indicate that all women are proportioned the same way, which (correct me if I'm wrong here) is not the case. But the system must work, because I don't know of anybody trying to do anything about it.

So what is it? How has it come about? What do you women do when your size 6 doesn't fit right? Just throw your arms in the air and cry? Why do you put up with this crap?

Obviously the women's clothing industry has adopted a philosophy of "Well, fuck" and abandoned you all. May God have mercy on your souls.