I personally wish that there were more girl gamers out there. This is not solely because it would be much easier for me to find a date, but that's a lot of it. There is some hard scientific evidence that in general, girls are at a biological disadvantage when it comes to the FPS games that are so rapantly popular these days.

It turns out that, while women are naturally better at things like communication and emotional perception, they tend to suffer when it comes to spacial reasoning. For instance, an experiment conducted by a Dr. Ruben Gur (see the interview transcript at http://www.dana.org/dabi/transcripts/eyb_0298.html) consisted of the following.

Hold up a cup of water. Now, suppose the cup is tilted. The subject is then shown lines in different orientations and is asked to pick out the one that matches the level of the water when the cup is tilted. Even men with relatively low intelligence will find it simple and give the correct answer immediately. Women, even very intelligent ones, will still give the correct answer (the water remains level) but often have to think about it for a lot longer.

This carries over to the game genres that require lots of spacial ability like Quake and all it's descendants. Women tend to shun this type of game because, thanks to mean 'ol Mr. Evloution, they are not naturals at it like most men tend to be.

This, of course, by no means rules them out of puzzle games and RPG's like Final Fantasy, which correspondingly tend to be much more popular with women.