A different approach.


Usually, our bodies and minds are in perfect time and tune and we are playing from the same libretto.

We build to the same crescendos, our diminuendos and our largos correspond. First movement, second movement, we play a symphony on each other, to a rapturous, if private, ovation

But sometimes, just occasionally, it seems that I am playing Gershwin, smooth and lyrical, while you are caught up in the heavy thunder of Wagner, or you are seeking the calm dignity of Pachelbel while I am yearning for the fun and lightness of Strauss.

We screech to a halt amongst disordered chords and discords, losing our place in the score, momentarily losing our enthusiasm for making music.

But not for long, ever.

We retune, and explore the possibilities, each playing a hesitant note, a tentative quaver here, a trembling minim there, until, again we find the key and discover a tune that pleases us both.

And harmony returns.