"Have you any idea how erotic it is, watching you eat an apple?"

"Don't be silly. An apple is an apple, everyone eats them exactly the same way."

"You don't."

"I do!. Bite, chew, swallow. Just like everyone else."


"So, how do I eat an apple?"

"You never bite it straight away. You rest it for a moment holding it at your mouth, feeling the skin against your lips. Then you open your mouth, never too wide, place first your top teeth on it, then your bottom ones, and bite, straight through the skin and into the flesh."

"Your eyes close at that first taste, every single time and you smile just a little."

"Then the way you catch that trickle of juice that runs down your chin on your fingertip, (how come you always seem to pick the juciest apple?), and chase it back up to your lips, closing your mouth round the finger."

"You look transported, as if you were indulging in the most hedonistic of pleasures."

"If Eve ate that first apple the way you always do, I'm not surpised Adam fell from grace -- I can never watch you eat one without wanting to fuck you. There and then."


"Oh, I see.

--She smiles, throws the core away--

"Well, I'm finished..."