Dear Mr moJoe, Sir,

I hope it is permissible for a lowly initiate such as myself to seek assistance from so elevated a being as you

I have a mission, you see, to subvert society, to make it a place that I, and others like me, can feel at home in.

I had made my first tentative steps, cast a tiny pebble or two into the water, and was watching the pretty ripples start to spread, when I was struck with terrible fears:

What if my actions were to destabilise the nodegel itself? Will E2 become a wasteland of devastation? Will I single-handedly have destroyed the lives of thousands of noders?

Please reassure me, or, if you can't, at least give me some idea of how long I have to run away, before the shit hits the fan.

Gratefully yours,

Anxious of the Antipodes