In J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit, a riddle match ensues between Gollum, formerly known as Smeagol. In hopes of confounding the Gollum creature, Bilbo the hobbit produces a riddle, the answer to which is the egg.

However, Bilbo's hopes are crushed when Gollum remembers his Smeagol days and the way he used to teach his grandmother how to suck eggs. What this interesting passage gives us is the evidence that sucking eggs is something taught by the grandchildren to teir grandmothers. One question it poses is this: Who taught the grandmother's grandmother how to suck eggs? Or does it skip a generation?

Another interesting connotation is the fact that in Russian, eggs and balls are the same word. Sadly, i misplaced my Russian translation of that book, so I cannot tell you how the interpreter worked around that one.
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