It is my opinion that any information is good information, and there are absolutely no circumstances under which one is in a better situation when not posessing a specific piece of information than when one does have that info. Of course, I'm optimistically idealistic, and tend to listen when i'm told that a certain philosophy of mine is inapplicable in the real world.

I'm not speaking of the Man who knew too much-kind of scenario - in that case, another person is aware of the fact of your possession of the said information. For the sake of the argument I'm talking about a real life situation where certain information will leave you in a situation that is worse than the situation you were in before.

My viewpoint is, probably affected by the fact that my young and impressionable mind is as yet untainted by the heavy realities of life, and, being influenced by the freedom-mongering censorship-bashing crowd on Slashdot I'm of a mistakenly conceited opinion that my ability to deal with information is above my emotions.

After much deliberation with a friend, I came to the conclusion that the only thing that might lead to a negative impact from the possession of information is just that - emotions. I do not want to launch into an e2 tradition of bitching about past relationships, so I shall only ask this one question:

Would you be better off never seeing