As the government and conservative society encroaches more and more upon personal privacy, many people advocating the conservation thereof wish to use their privacy as a means of commiting crimes without the fear of retribution. And in reality, I believe that that constitutes a large part of why we view privacy as an essential human right. Thus, theoretically, decreasing one's privacy also decreases their ability to get away with crime because it must be done in a relatively public setting, where there will be witnesses and testimonies.

With the rapid evolution of our technology, we are becoming more constantly and inescapably in contact with one another. Sometime in the near future, every aspect of our lives will become networkable and digitally accessible. I see no way in which it can be stopped. Therefore, I feel that the obliteration of common privacy is not only possible, it is inevitable.

Why is this a good thing? Because crimes will be exponentially more difficult to hide, and will thus decrease in fear of social retribution. If it is one of mankind's key evolutionary roadmarks to create a perfect society, its citizens must not be allowed privacy, unless they are completely pure and incapable of trangressional thought. However, we ovbiously do not live in a perfect or even ideal society, so I advocate the preservation of public privacy in this time by any means necessary.

But, of course, I am quite young, and have only an unfinished public education, so I must therfore be stupid.