I think I'm in trouble, I had my first dream about E2.First off,I must explain the appearance of this Strange E2 in a strange land.
Some visual design genius must have given E2 a lookthrough, as everything was done in a gorgeous aqua-like theme that seemed ripped from the GTK theme of the same name. The Java Chatterbox had been stabilized and integrated into a small frame that occupied at the top right-hand corner of the browser, because the catbox refreshed independently of everything else.

Now, some of the new features:

Who are you?

Mojo Jojo

At that time, somehow I knew the Everything 2 Civil War that originally surfaced about the same time of my arrival here on E2 had occured again, this leading to an E2 Dark Ages and E2 Feudalism. How I became a lord and all of those noders and they my lowly vassals I don't know, but my homenode showed Me as a pseudo_god with only 28 writeups. hmm. I guess all of the XP and w/us of my vassal noders counts for me.

Absorb jessicapierce?

yes no

I clicked yes, and then woke up.

/me is scared.