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All humans by nature desire to know, and the proof of this is the delight they take in their senses, and above all the sense of sight. (Aristotle, Metaphysics
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Andrew Watt teaches ancient history and English literature to ninth graders. He has been doing this for six of the last seven years, and many of his friends think he is totally crazy to do this. But he has not found anything he likes doing quite so much, or anything he is nearly so good at doing. He is also a performance poet of (very) small standing in central New England. his first chapbook, Fame's Younger Sister was a complete publishing failure, and went critically unnoticed. He has a bachelor's degree from Trinity College (Hartford, CT) in philosophy, a master's degree in theology from Virginia Theological Seminary, and a master's in ancient and classical studies from Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT), and he is forgetful about giving homework. But returning students credit him with teaching them how to think and how to use their brains, so he can't be all bad. Unless they turn out to be as scatterbrained as he is.