Yes, I voted.

Course, I also have to be here until every vote comes in, because one of our sites is the Supervisor of Elections for Hillsborough County.

We are now on the touch-screen voting system, and though we have been doing all sorts of marketing for it, today was the first chance I got to really use it. Very cool.

Like some of the other elections, the candidates weren't the most entertaining part. Some of the more entertaining and interesting amendments were:
  • A Constitutional Amendment making it illegal to put a pregnant pig in a cage or tether of any type.
  • A 700-word amendment stating that they wanted to change the wording of the state constitution from "cruel or unusual punishment" to "cruel and unusual punishment". This will allow them to do things such as execute 16-year olds (because the supreme court has ruled that "unusual" but not "cruel".
  • A constitutional admendment banning smoking from any workplace with very limited exceptions.

But I voted, dagnab it!

On a complete other note, tomorrow I leave for Virginia. That is where my girlfriend is finishing up school at. She has until May and then she'll have her masters and be moving back here. Along with me I will take warm clothes, a camera, my heart and a ring, and by Saturday I will have asked her to stay with me forever.

It's going to be a good weekend.