Wow. It's been a long time since I have visited here. It truly is amazing how quickly life can change when, well, your life changes. Since the last time I visited, I've gotten married, moved twice, bought a house, had 3 jobs, gained a cat and a dog (bringing the household total to 5 animals, 2 adults). I've also acquired 626 messages in my Message Inbox, ignored a whole swath of Secret Santa senders and recipients (and even missed a whole season of which gwenllian apparantly ROCKED THE HOUSE with!) and have completely ignored my desire to contribute. Oh, and I switched to Linux (because it tastes good!)

I have, however, gained many new skills, and have aspirations of noding again, creating some nifty new clients (once I figure out what new clients have already been created), actually noding who got what, and finally making it to level 4.

In some ways, being gone was a lot like being away from family. You miss some people, you forget about the lessons of others, and you finaly let the politics die. You are fresh, renewed, and dying to get back up to speed.

Thanks for your patience, for not threatning me for not keeping up the Secret Santa node, and for not changing. At least, not as far as I can see yet.