At 10:09 this morning, one of my units was dispatched to a house here in Lutz for an unknown medical problem. Upon arriving on scene, the neighbor explained that she had made Easter baskets for everyone in the neighborhood, and went to deliver one to the house across the street. She knocked on the door but got no answer. Peeking inside she saw a little boy running around the house. She knocked on the window and told him to get his Mom to come open the door. He told her that his mom couldn't, she was dead.

Our unit, along with the Sheriff's office, forced entry into the house. They found this little boy's mother quite dead, brutally murdered with severe trauma to her head. In addition, this had not happened recently, at least 12 hours had passed by since she was killed.

Out of all the joy, all the love and forgiveness today is supposed to mean, I have never wanted to track someone down and kill them so badly in my life. We all have problems, but to do something like that, and leave a kid there, is just inexcusable.