Hanazono Yumi (all names are in Japanese name order) loves flowers and drawing. In fact, she loves flowers so much that she braves the Lady Fukurokouji's wrath to save a dandelion that she was about to step on! Of course, this is a mahou shoujo show, so this good deed will not go unnoticed. Kakimaru and Keshimaru, two flower fairies see her planting the dandelion in a poppy field. They ask her if she likes flowers, and Yumi replies "Yes, I love them". Her love was probably born in her father's flower shop. She gets a pendant and a wand. When she recites the incantation "Pastel Poppuru Poppin-pa!", " after drawing an object in mid air, this object becomes real. The pendent then keeps time. In thirty seconds, the object will disappear. This means that is Yumi wants anything done, she better think fast!

This is a fun little show, and seems pretty episodic from what I have seen. I would like to see some more of it, and with a better transfer, but Studio Pierrot has not issued a DVD box of this yet. There is a Laser disk box for people who have LD players. If you are curious about this 4th of the Studio Pierrot magical girls, your best bet is to search for one of the underground distributors of raw Japanese copies of rare anime tapes. This show aired in 1986, and has 25 episodes.