People would commonly associate solider with murder and killing... but the truth is, you can simply use statistics and basic math to determine just if they do go to this mythical land of "hell".

If you do not count civilian deaths and suicides, I can guarantee you that most soliders will never kill anyone... it is impossible to have a majority of soldiers kill (other soldiers), because that implies that the majority died - and this is physically impossible without friendly fire, simultaneous death, suicide, civilian casualities, etc.

Of course, I would assume this node would address the situations that allows soldiers to have multiple kills each. The most common of these situations would probably be the civilian casualties - and the ammounts of these is always highly disputed and debated (I will not delve into how many any country / -army has inflicted). It would be apparent that killing any civilian would gaurantee the soldier a spot in "hell" (according the Ten Commandments).

If a group of soldiers managed to kill civilians, you can assume that any soldier that killed a civilian is on the road to hell. Thus, if that soldier kills any other soldiers (this process eliminates that soldier from going to hell unless he has already killed a civilian / soldier). It is safe to assume that certain soldiers are better at killing than others. If any group of soldiers immerges from an army with the ability to take out twice that number of troops, they insure (if the group is of appropriate size) that they will save a much larger population. Thus, small percentages of "elite" troops can preserve the majority of the troops from going to "hell" by eliminating new soldiers before they had a chance to kill anyone, or by eliminating soldiers that are also elite.

The ideal battle to prevent soldiers from going to "hell" would be an unfair one... hopefully one where elite troops manage to pick off a mass of other troops. The perfect system of war and the prevention of "hell" requires a small, stable, elite infantry to pick off all the new recruits. However, this "ideal battle" requires for only one side to have access to the elite troops, unless both sides are going to lose all of their elite troops. For example, if the most aggresive troops (based on their past expierence) are the fastest to run into this battle (which they do not know is heavily stacked against them), the small aggressive division will loose a great deal of men without taking any - the worst possible scenario.

Assuming that the worst possible scenario is rare (soldiers killing exactly one other soldier (that has killed on other soldier and so forth)), it is possible for the majority of the soldiers to go to some place other than hell.

So... the answer to this question is "Typically no, but it depends - if A kills B, C kills A , D kills C, E kills D, etc, then it is possible for a good deal of the soldiers to go to hell. However, since in practice, not all soldiers are at the same strength (same enviornment, same training, same weapons, etc), certain soldiers rise up to kill more than one soldier. A sniper is a good example. Since the worst possible scenario (the A kills B, C kills A scenario) depends on soldiers killing each other in order (which does not happen), it is safe to say that your average soldier will not go to hell."