In the world of drunken British teens one major problem still remains, and that is the ability to gather enough spirits to get you and preferably everyone around you extremely intoxicated; one of the best ways to do this is a mix.

As everyone knows drinking a mix of different alcohol will get you drunk far quicker than drinking any alcohol on its own. So I'm going to list the most common mixes(at least among my social network)
  1. Vodka Mix
    It's in the name, anything can go with vodka, just about anything, but to truly count as a vodka mix the drink must be made with a cheap vodka which somehow, even though it is probably only 20% tastes and smells like paint thinner. For a truly authentic taste the drink must still taste like paint thinner. One of the most popular mixes seems to be vodka and cider, particularly lethal as it is quite easy to hide say a whole bottle of vodka in a 2litre bottle of unbranded cider without really tasting it.

  2. Spirit and thinner mix
    The spirit and thinner mix is a 2 liquid mix containing any spirit (preferably a strong one, say 25%+) and any beer or wine, though usually wine. Most commonly used by those completely skint upon finding half a bottle of vodka and an XL size can of beer.

  3. Pikey Mix
    The pikey mix is not really a mix as it only contains one alcoholic drink. The drink consists of a limited and fairly pathetic amount of spirit, and a non-alcoholic liquid. This is used only as a last resort for the drunk who wants to stay out all night and needs their drink to stretch accordingly. Vodka and Ribenna especially popular.

  4. Mud Mix
    A mud mix consists of several beers or week flavoured drinks (e.g. Bacardi breezers and Smirnoff ice) in a large container such as an empty cider bottle, usually created as the night comes to a close and is usually created by collecting that little bit of drink left at the bottom of everyone’s can or bottle. Called a mud mix because they usually turn brown, and can be especially vile if they contain a mix of bitter and anything else.

  5. Shit Mix
    Shit mix, not common I must say, and more often found at house parties and I would say that's where they belong. Particularly known for their lethality, due to being composed of only spirits, tastes like crap, looks like crap, but if you're not drunk yet, by the time it's finished you will be; and if you already are drunk just try and get it in the bowl. Must contain at least 5 or more different spirits, a top tip I found from pan European rugby tours is that adding a small amount of 70%+ absinthe increases the power of the mix incredibly, 15 to 20cl if you want to wake up on the balcony of the floor bellows’ room with your boxers and one shoe.

That I believe covers the basic mixes present in a drunken friday night in Hertford though it'd be interesting to find out what people are mixing across the world.