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Life's not near perfect, who ever told you it was, is most likely psychiatrically challenged
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I knew that. My brain just chose to withhold that information from me.
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What boredom can create is many a thing. I should know, being an insomniac doesn't help. Sleep deprived insanity. Loneliness, pessimistic, hopeless romantic. Obviously if my morning life was extremely busy I would have no time to make this. Party at my house, tonight. And every night, not rude enough to make people leave. Today is tomorrow. Yesterday is Today. There is no such thing as these. History, doesn't come here. Nothing important to happen.

Music: Alternative, Metal, some hip no hop. Hate all boy bands. Such as: Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, Britney Speared, Christina Barfulargui.

Point made I hope.