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I'm Looking for a Sci-fi book so if you know it or it sounds familiar please let me know details;

The book goes something like this;

A young man wakes up in hospital with amnesia. Hospital staff is trying to find out information about him and the only thing he has is a golden dragon that he was found with. The golden dragon is like a pendant or necklace of some sort. I'm not sure if it later has a more meaningful part in the book. So the nurse looking after the boy gets a bad feeling when two men turn up to claim the boy looking like government spooks. The boy is obviously old enough to decide who he wants to go with and with the help of the nurse chooses not to go with the men. They also are very vague and have no real proof they are related to the boy. After a few days another man, older and more fatherly like, turns up with pictures and family memorabilia to claim the boy who has been missing for some time. The nurse seems to know that the old man is the right one. The boy although having no memory at all decides that the older guys seems ok.

Once home the father takes the boy through the house as one would expect trying to help the boy remember. The boys seems to be having flashbacks. The father has a brother and uncle to the boy and both older men seem to work for NASA or something like NASA and for a very forward thinking division to do with space travel and time and space travel. So now that the father has his son back he is spending a lot of time at home and not at work so the brother and uncle to the lost amnesia boy comes over a lot to work together with his brother on new formula's for space travel. The two brothers working at home so much spend lots of time on a space time machine formula and keep coming up with something that they know looks wrong. As the boy is recovering he walks past his father and uncle on the way to the kitchen to get a drink or snack. The boy sees what they are working on grabs a pencil turns that paper they are working on round and begins to fix all the mistakes and give a solution that he knows is right. Much to the amazement of his dad and uncle. The boy not realizing what he has done casually walks back to the bedroom for more rest. After much discussion both father and uncle realize that the boy is right but know that he was never an 'A' student in Math at college let alone Quantum Math. So both are perplexed.

As far as I can remember the boy was kidnapped or abducted when he was younger by aliens once he learn't how to communicate the aliens realized he had no idea about Maths so they began to teach him. I can't remember the circumstances of how he was abducted nor how long he was missing. In fact what is here is about all I can remember.

I would love to read the book again so if you can help with the author or the name that would be great. It is quite old as I seem to remember the year I read the book was somewhere around 1984-6 although the story was not set in a particular time.