Oh yeah, River City Ransom ruled. But now that I think of it, a pair of tough guys like Alex and Ryan wandering around shopping was kind of odd. I can see them now...

At the shoe store-
RYAN: Hey Alex, do you think these Texas Boots go with these pants?
ALEX: No, I'd go with the Loafers if I were you. Those boots make your legs look scrawny, anyhow.

At the book store-
RYAN: Cool! The newest issue of Comic Times is in! "The All-New Extra Silly Adventures of Bakayarou Sentai!" YEAH BABY!
ALEX: Really, Ryan, how plebiean. Don't we have better things to do, like kick the... Ooh, the new "Scandal Rag"! "Mario in Sordid Love Triangle with Princess Peach and MegaMan!" Sounds kinky!

And such fey nonsense. You guys can continue to make all the homosexual jokes you want, this game still rocks. Especially the bit where they go "BARF!" and "Is this fun yet?" when they die.