Created long before the days of the Old Republic, Centerpoint Station was a space station located in the Corellian system, between the Double Worlds of Tralus and Talus. Fittingly, Centerpoint played a central role in the Corellian Trilogy, and, years later, it became the deciding factor in the New Republic's victory against the Yuuzhan Vong at the battle of Fondor.

Centerpoint's primary weapon is a giant repulsor, capable of pulling entire planets through hyperspace; it is also capable of generating a systemwide interdiction field and communications block. These systems can also be augmented or offset by the repulsors located on the other planets of the system.

During the Corellian Trilogy, the system bonded to Anakin Solo, and he is (supposedly) the only one who can activate it.*

*Although Thrackan Sal-Solo was able to fire the repulsor during the battle of Fondor, it was activated and aimed by Anakin.