I'm tired. A statement both said and heard by many each day, especially among students like myself. I, like many of my colleagues, have this bad tendency to stay up late. Sure, it's for a reason -- in my case usually to read a book, which is often interrupted by ICQ, but regardless I have had a tendency to stay up late in the past. A tendency that I've now decided to break. Why? Well... because I'm tired.

   Sleep deprivation has been used as a weapon. It was used as torture during World War II, and is still used as a modern day torture. Now think about this for a moment: sleep deprivation is torture. Yet we, daily, continue to deprive ourselves of sleep. To sleep for only 6 hours, or 4 hours, or even 2 hours. And why? For the sake of having a bit more time to ourselves? To be able to read some more? To have more time on ICQ? Sleep is not an addiction -- it is a necessity.

   Sleep deprivation is a powerful form of torture. Few people (though this does not mean none) actually die from it, however it weakens the victim both mentally and physically. After prolonged sleep deprivation a person's personality and life outlook changes completely. Why would we do this to ourselves?! Common effects of sleep deprivation on a lesser scale include depression, heart disease, difficulty with social relations, etc, etc, etc, and most importantly, decreased productivity. That's right, the number one reason people stay up late at night, of getting work done, is completely self-defeating. When you are tired you work poorly, and by not getting sufficient sleep, you create a vicious cycle which will result in you accomplishing less the next day, which will result in you staying up late to finish your work.... you see where I'm going?

   If you're interested in sleep deprivation then you can do more research than I have, or read the node on it. Few experiments into sleep deprivation have been conducted during peacetime simply because the effects can be long term or permanent, but the general consensus is that it is very bad. Anyways, I for one will be getting a good nights sleep tonight.