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Computers, Martial Arts, Writing, and Sleeping.
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Strive for perfection, while accepting that perfection is inachievable in the short term.
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Andrew Kuhlmann (person)
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Andrew (AKA AndrewK) is a male caucasian american living in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, Calfornia. He is a very diverse human being, and posesses an excellent capacity for comprehension and logical analysis.

As a child, Andrew lived in a suburb of Los Angeles known as Simi Valley. The word "simi" is supposed to translate to "windy" in the local native language. Simi valley is known to be one of the safest cities in america. It's common knowledge that most of the Los Angeles Police Department officers prefer to live in Simi Valley. This results in a high population of what is known among simi natives as "robots."

Currently Andrew is persuing a broad array of projects. Many of these include financial endeavours, as well as creative/spiritual/artistic persuits.

Andrew's life plan is the following:
Step 1. Get rich
Step 2. Make cool ass video games
Step 3. Play cool ass video games