The Knowledge is the title of the sister series to Horrible Histories. It began with a book called “Potty Politics” which was written for the 1997 general election. Like all other books in these series’ it was informative and funny. It provided a good base knowledge of politics and its origins through the use of cartoons and small anecdotes. It doesn’t try to be ground breaking or present new ideas, it just tells it like it is and takes the piss out of a few politicians along the way.

The series actually doesn’t contain many titles, or not as many as Horrible Histories or Horrible Science. But it has spawned at least two extra series’ (Foul Football and Murderous Maths), also done in the same style. A complete list is as follows:

Riotous Robots
The Incredible Internet
Spectacular Special Effects
Dreadful Drama
Groovy movies
Dead Dinosaurs
Triffic Chocolate
Gobsmacking Galaxy
Spoilt Royals
Potty Politics
Mind Blowing Music
Awful Art
Mind-Boggling Buildings
Crashing Computers
Awesome Archaeology

If you like having a good general knowledge it is definitely worth buying this series, even if you think you are a little too old. Knowing the basic facts from this series will make you seem fairly clever, even if you have the intellect of a paralytic gnat.