A band from Australia and originally comprised of three brothers and a drummer.

The brothers, Hamish, Angus, and Fergus, sing wonderful harmonies and the instruments played include guitar, bass guitar, bagpipes, didgeridoo, penny whistle and various others as required.

Their hotline can be reached by dialing 818-SLY-DOGS which is based near the Los Angeles area. You can get basic upcoming appearance and current (usually) news info and leave your address to be added to their mailing list from the message at this number.

They also have a website now at http://www.brothermusic.com. The website has much more information than the hotline and also includes an image gallery and an online store. You can also join their fan club which will give you nice perks such as advance tickets and preferred seating or entry.

They have gone through several drummers over the years, and recently the youngest brother, Fergus, has left the group to focus on a solo career. I and many other fans miss him terribly as both his playing and his vocal talents remain unmatched by those that have followed, although they have had their own strengths.