Born in Kalamazoo, MI, about three decades ago, Stephen Lynch currently resides, writes and performs in New York.

Launching his career at Catch a Rising Star in New York, Lynch has made quite a name for himself with clever guitar work, catchy tunes and mild to extremely twisted lyricism.

His television special, Comedy Central Presents Stephen Lynch, premiered August 2, 2000. A 41-city college tour supported his debut cd, A Little Bit Special.

Lynch has opened for such performers as Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Yo La Tengo, Anthony Clark, Jeff Foxworthy, Steven Wright and Bobcat Godthwait, as well as hosting Street Games on VH1 and appearing on Premieum Blend on Comedy Central, and Hi-Fi Party, hosted by Sandra Bernhard and Isaac Hayes.

Definitely not a performer for younger audiences, with gems such as Bitch, Gerbil and Peep Show Girl, Lynch's humor is decidedly not for everyone. Recognized as one of the best of 2000 by Dr. Demento, most of his works are questionable for air play. One of the notable exceptions to both of the preceding notes is the song Jim Henson, which is a tribute to the lasting greatness of his creations, the Muppets, and one of the coolest new songs I've heard in a long while.