This is one of my regular tri-part dreams. Each part is separate, but they all tie in to a common theme.

I am a special guest at a beauty pageant. It is a great international event and security is tight. But I know that there is something wrong. Nobody else seems to sense it and nothing appears out of place, but I know that there will be panic soon and it will be up to me to discover the cause and uncover the one responsible. {then the dream fades}

{this sequence is vague and I only know what goes on here as it relates to what happens in the third part} I am an intrepid explorer. I have mastered many forms of combat and meditation and am in peak physical condition. While I have no official status, I am a respected member of the scientific community as well as a sometimes operative of clandestine goverment operations.
I work for a company that does extremely specialized water filtration. I am in charge of one of the three main valves and the overall maintenance as well as a crew of technicians and highly trained maintenance personnel. The valve I am in charge of needs to be replaced and has for several months, but the man who owns the equipment and company as well as his vice-presidant in charge of operations both refuse to allow for the replacement.

It has been three months and the valve finally fails. I try desperately, but I cannot get the valve to work. I sound the alarm and call for the two of them to come and help me as I have a technician still in the system and she'll drown without help. They both laugh. They knew it would fail and seemed to be hoping that someone would die as a result. I am furious and outraged and incredulous that they could be so evil.

I run to my car in the hopes that I can bring someone to stop their machinations, but my door won't close and I realize that the woman has rammed my car, ruining any chance that I could leave. I storm back into the facility, too enraged to have any fear for myself. They are waiting and laugh at me.

He pulls a gun and tells me that I will have to run the system, believing that I will also drown when I get to the final lap and the non-working valve. I know better. I know that I could swim nearly the entire system without any of the valves working and still make it through. I realize that I will have to manage my air carefully as I have to push the dead technician's body through the system ahead of me for the last leg. I am hoping they do not decide to just shoot me as I start my swim.

While I'm in the system the facility is raided by a pair of government operatives. They had intended to merely visit, but when they saw the damage to my car, they knew something was wrong. The two villains are overconfidant, believing that I will drown and tell lies of how they tried to stop me and that I went in to retrieve the technicians body. My friends watch them both with guns drawn and wait for me to finish so that they can hear the real tale.

Then my alarm went off and ruined the end of the dream.