The Butterfinger bar is a confectionary delight from Nestlé. For lovers of chocolate and peanut butter who want something crunchy, this is the only bar to get.

The Butterfinger name was actually chosen by a public contest and is a term often used to describe those who are clumsy or have trouble holding on to objects and an example would be when a football player fumbles the ball.

First introduced in 1928 by the Curtiss Candy Company of Chicago, and then acquired by Standard Brands, the Butterfinger bar and Baby Ruth were both acquired by Nestlé in 1990. Originally positioned as a "Big Eat" candy bar, Dick Clark was the spokesman and advertising was focused on the large size of the bar, which weighs in at 2.1 oz. After being purchased by Nestlé, the animated family The Simpsons were chosen and Bart Simpson was heard saying, "Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger" in households across the nation.

In 1994, Butterfinger BB's were introduced as Nestlé's first line extention. Although I am rather fond of the little bits of Butterfingery goodness, many Butterfinger purists complain of the overly chocolatey nature of them in relation to the crunchy candy hidden beneath.

The Ingredients are:

sugar, corn syrup, ground roasted peanuts, partially hydrgenated palm kernel oil, cocoa, molasses, confectioner's corn flakes, skim milk, whey, salt, monoglycerides, soy lecithin, cornstarch, artificial flavors, yellow 5, tbhq and citric acid (added to preserve freshness), red 40

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