grrr! Now I'm really incensed.

A not so long time ago, in this very galaxy, I did a wu for padiddle. There were, at the time, entries under that spelling as well as pediddle. I chose the former for two reasons: it was the spelling with more entries, and more on-topic entries; it was the way everyone in my area spelled it. After a short web-search using Google, I've found that padiddle is by far the more popular spelling. (don't the editors or such do research on their own before doing a move like that? I know I certainly would!)

So, anyway, it's been a while and some sharp cookie out there decided to request a node consolidation. Normally, I'd agree with that idea, but in this case, since there really is no official spelling, I thought it was fine to leave both up and in the spirit of Everything2 I also mentioned the alternate spelling.

Normally, I also wouldn't mind that the wu got moved, but due to a minor mistake in the moving process it ended up being deleted accidentally. This also wouldn't be a major problem as since it was accidental, it wouldn't be against the rules to go pull it up in Node Heaven and resurrect it.

That is, if it hadn't disappeared entirely.

This is the second of my wus to be deleted and to have disappeared entirely. The first was Viagra in your mailbox which was a humorous rant about email spam that was inspired by the wu free sex in your mailbox (which I don't really think is all that good, and certainly not as coherent as my own, now slaughtered wu). Regardless, while an oddity that it never reached Node Heaven, I'm not really upset that it's gone. Sure, I'd like to visit it now and then, but it's not like it was all that special.

The worst part about this whole thing is that I'm upset and mad and want to take someone to task 'cause one of my better wus is gone, but there is nobody at fault. Unfocused anger is the worst sort. Unless you find some way to exorcise it or get distracted, it just kinda eats a hole in your psyche's middle.

And now I am one fewer wu from reaching the next level. And these days, getting up enough interest to put up something new and worth reading is rather difficult for me.

Otherwise, my day is going rather decently, even if I am buried in work, and I'm really looking forward to going to ConFurence this year and having a booth in the dealer's room with Nekojin. I hope it all works out.