Unlike my last daylog, this is a bitch-log. If you don't want to read me bitching, then move on. Acutally, if you don't want to see someone bitching, why the hell are you reading daylogs?!?

Ok. I'm here for my morning break. I like it here. I like to chatter during my breaks and ICQ just isn't dynamic enough for me. So I come here, load up the Javabox and I'm on my way.

This isn't the only thing I do during my breaks, so I usually end up with about 15 windows and icons on my taskbar. This is fairly normal for me and I'm used to it.

Another thing that's fairly normal for me is that I run over the end of my breaks trying to get one last thing finished and so end up with some non-work-related windows up while doing my work-related stuff.

So it goes today. I think nothing of it.

Then comes lunch time. I clock out and start opening up my break-time windows: E2, ICQ and Neopets, lately.

And there I see it. A message from EDB that I was borged for having the temerity to complain in the Chatterbox about waiting for something to load!

EDB: I ate you. yeah, things are laggy. but do you have to complain about it EVERY DAY

First off, getting a message from EDB is pretty sucky. There's just no way to respond and you have no way to know who it was that got pissy at you. Plus, regardless of reality, it makes the person writing seem like a coward, hiding behind EDB.

Next, and worse, in my opinion, I WASN'T FREAKING COMPLAINING ABOUT THE LAG ON E2, EVEN THOUGH E2 WAS LAGGING AT THE TIME!!! Shit, do people really believe that I have nothing else in my sad little life than E2? I know I spend a lot of time here and I know I can be pretty annoying sometimes (something to do with poor impulse control), but really, this isn't the entirety of my computer life!

I wish there were some way I could direct this at the appropriate person, but there's just no way, so I'm venting my frustration about the whole situation here. IF YOU'RE GOING TO BORG SOMEONE FOR OFFENDING YOU, AT LEAST MAKE CERTAIN THEY'RE ACTUALLY DOING WHAT IT IS THAT OFFENDS YOU!

You want to know what offends me? (if you don't then why are you even reading this?) What offends me are people levying accusations that are innaccurate. What offends me are people who do things in such a manner that there are no avenues for reparations if there is a mistake.


end of line