Of course, Malaysia dosen't have those "unfair" laws that protect worker safety, ensure a livng wage, and prevent corporations from union busting. Of course, those workers are happy to make US$.08/hr starvation wages because they have so many options to choose from. It's not like they would prefer something better, but are prevented from doing so.

Let me make something perfectly clear. A CHOICE BEWTEEN DEATH AND ABJECT POVERTY IS NOT A CHOICE! Whatever delusion you may be suffering under, living in overcrowded spaces, without heat or power, and raw sewage in the streets is not "untold wealth and riches." And speaking of American sweatshops and child labor, I should as the same question. What I learned from history was that the childeren, (well, those that didn't suffer some premanent injury,) didn't save their wages into capital and become prosperous, they were ended by people who were disgusted at the working and living conditions, as well as the excuses of apologists like you.

Oh, and if you live under conditions of bigotry, then it's your own damn fault. The fact that, in, say, Iran or Afghanistan, women, in general, do not have the resources to just "leave," let alone open up a business somewhere else. Of course, your glib answers refuse to acknowledge fact, and you simply spout shallow ideology.

Yeah, capitalism would work if we exsisted in a world of perfect and rational choice, but we don't, and this must be taken into account by law and practise. Even most capitalists realize this, however, a great many of them wish only to apply the exceptions to corporations and stock holders, and call upon the workers for austerity and admonish them for trying to disrupt the level playing field.

For the love of Mike, at least think about what you are saying! It dosen't matter if you or I am called names, but it certainly dosen't help, and spouting off gibberish dosen't help either.

Bad craziness.