when they come, I am always expecting them
not because of intuition (my imagination has run dry)
it's just that I call on them
please come
and with faithfulness I have never expected in my life
they do


they love me, but we are mismatched:
their skin is so prickly that as soon as they touch me I bleed
not that I've ever cared
I have never known a sweeter embrace


this beach has no beginning
and I am my own parasite
I have been here for so long that
(with words that I know by heart) 
it seems like a tale
that there is a way out
that this night was ever a day


Someday, I will call them for one last time
I will make them a present: me
everything of me, they are supposed to eat
alive and not leave one bone behind


Outside is the sea leading me to a place
where everything shines with a light I wouldn't remember seeing before
Outside is a real human voice, Outside is touching that doesn't come from a dream
Outside is an exit, Outside is never finding a path back in
Outside is: everything.