The mighty Mag-Lite is probably the coolest flashlight in existence. It is manufactured by the Mag Instrument company in Ontario, California.

The user who wields this awesome tool is immediately struck by its weight. Unlike ordinary flimsy, disposable plastic flashlights, the Mag-Lite is made of solid, precision-machined metal, and looks and feels sturdy enough to survive a nuclear war.

The surface of smooth, shiny metal, reflective enough to be used as a mirror and available in a variety of colors, is broken by a rougher area that serves as a grip to keep the intrepid user from dropping it and becoming stranded in some murky dungeon or basement. Slightly above the grip on the Mag-Lite's main body is a rubber button that serves as an on/off switch. An observant user will also notice a serial number to the side of the button. Clearly, this is no ordinary flashlight! The Mag-Lite's bulb is contained in a section attached to the main body, which can be turned in order to focus the light, thus allowing a single Mag-Lite to be used as both a spotlight and a floodlight.

A true masterpiece of American engineering, the Mag-Lite is the Rolls-Royce of flashlights. It will last a lifetime, impress your friends, and allow you to pretend you are Luke Skywalker wielding a light-saber.