It is interesting that da-x chose to translate the Hebrew expression Tzur Yisrael in the last paragraph of the Declaration as "Almighty God" (his sources just put "the Almighty" in that place), as this has been a source of contention in regard to the phrasing of the Declaration, which almost prevented the declaration from being signed.

When the National Assembly was preparing the document to be signed (the actual wording and phrasing was entrusted to Moshe Shertok, who later changed his name to Moshe Sharet and served as prime minister), it needed to create as large a consensus as possible among the many political movements within the Jewish population in Israel. However, The Zionist religious parties (there was no point in apporoaching non-Zionist religious political organizations) refused to sign a document that would not mention God, and the socialist parties (a significant power at the time) refused to sign any document with a mention of God.

As a compromise, Shertok offered to use the term "Tzur Yisrael". This term, which may be translated as "Rock of Israel" or "Defender of Israel", is a very ancient and traditional Jewish epithet for God, and yet may be interpreted as referring to the earthly defenders of the newly born State of Israel. This offer was accepted eventually by both sides, and the Declaration was signed.