Quite possibly the fastest "car" on the Earth (not including the Thrust SSC which goes 0-700mph in 14 seconds) and the undeniable champion in the notorious Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Only a few, maybe only 2, exist, and it has an estimated 0-60 in 1.7 seconds! On video games such as Gran Turismo 2, this Suzuki dominates. Who would have thought? Suzuki! Yea, its a bit ugly, but for the aerodynamics, I wouldn't mind. One sits in the Suzuki museum, and I believe I read an advertisement for another, supposedly. It said that the seller lives in Japan and is selling for 1.2 billion Japanese Yen!! That's like $9 million!!! So chances of seeing this car in Pike's Peak Colorado are still quite slim, let alone in Arizona.

Anyways, here are some simple specifications of the car, just to get the jist of how amazing it really is. Try comparing this to the Boss Mustang on a track or strip!

Year:           1996 
Base hp:        985
Curb Weight:    1764lbs 
Engine:         Grand Vitara V6, twin turbo 
Displacement:   1998 cc / 121.9 cu in 
Wheelbase:      100.0 in

Sources: Gran Turismo 2, Gran Turismo 3, www.supercars.net

In response to sailorDR's Gran Turismo 3 comment: Wow, that truly is amazing, and should anyone make a video of that, I would like to see it (I got GameCube, not Playstation 2, so my racing needs can only be fulfilled by Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2). As for the real Supersonic car, it's the Thrust SSC.