(Also known as Maria Estela Martinez.)

Although very powerful and influential, Isabel did not have as great of an impact in Argentina as Juan or Eva Peron did. She was Juan Peron’s third wife, Eva being his second. Before she met Juan, Maria Estela Martinez was a nightclub dancer in Argentina. She and Juan Peron married in 1961 in Spain. She supported Perón’s great and controversial return to Argentina, and in 1973, Perón picked her as his vice president, the long time dream of Perón’s last wife, Evita. Isabel tried to mimic Evita and her actions, but many Argentines disliked and resented her. When Juan died in 1974, Isabel became the president of the country. No party or group strongly followed or supported Isabel, and violent terrorist acts began and rose in number. She had very little effect on the people and was quickly overthrown on March 24, 1976, when the new military junta began.

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