KANJI: DAI TAI oo (big)

ASCII Art Representation:

                      %%%%                 ,%%,
                     %%% %%%
                    ,%%%  %%%
                    %%%    %%%
                   %%%%     %%%,
                  %%%%       %%%,
                 %%%%         %%%%,
                %%%"           "%%%%,
              ,%%%"             "%%%%%%,
            ,%%%"                 "%%%%%%,,
        ,,%%%%"                     "%%%%%%%%%%%
 ,,,,,%%%"""                          "%%%%%%%%%
%%%%"""                                  "%%%"

Character Etymology:

A person standing with arms and legs spread out to look as large as possible. Occasionally used to indicate person as well as the concepts of big, large, grand, intense, etc.

A Listing of All On-Yomi and Kun-Yomi Readings:

on-yomi: DAI TAI
kun-yomi: oo- oo(kii) -oo(ini)

Nanori Readings:

Nanori: ufu o ou ta takashi tomo hajime hiro hiroshi masa masaru moto wa

English Definitions:

  1. TAI, DAI: large, grand, huge; the greater; size; very; severe (damage); success.
  2. oo(kii): large, great, grand, mighty, immense; severe; heavy.
  3. oo(inaru): big, large, great.
  4. oo(i) ni: very, much, greatly, exceedingly.
  5. oo(zappana): rough (estimate); loose (talk); generous.
  6. oo(makana): rough (estimate); general, generous.
  7. tai-: big, huge, grand, major.
  8. tai(shita): many; much; enormous; great; grand; important; serious; severe, intense; very; what a lot of.
  9. oo(ki)ni: greatly, very much.
  10. oo(isa), oo(kisa): size, dimensions, volume.
  11. tai(shite): very, much, greatly, seriously.
  12. oo(bira) ni: openly, publicly.
  13. dai(soreta): ambitious; daring; outrageous, atrocious.
  14. -dai: the size of...
  15. dai-: great, prominent, large-scale, serious, severe, gross.
  16. oo-: large, great; heavy (rain); loud (voice); full-size, life-size.

Character Index Numbers:

New Nelson: 1133
Henshall: 53

Unicode Encoded Version:

Unicode Encoded Compound Examples:

大福 (daifuku): daifuku.
(daigaku): university (big school).
(otona): adult.
大丈夫 (daijoubu): safe, secure, all right; sure; infallible.
(ookawa): a big river.
(ooguchi): a big mouth; bragging; exaggeration; large amount.
(oomizu): flood.
(ooana): big hole; huge deficit; (make) a killing; a big upset (at the races).
(daimyou): feudal lord.
(taiki): atmosphere, air.
(taisaku): masterpiece, monumental work.
(oootoko): giant (man).
大蔵省 (ookurashou): The Ministry of Finance.

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