Today was a good day.

I woke up on time, drowsy, but set to complete my task. I slothed upstaires and took my bread dough from the fridge so it could wake up too. I set the oven to pre-heat to 475 and marched down the staires and thought, "Gee, I am still tired," set the alarm and crashed for another hour-and-a-half.

I prepared for baking and popped the first tray in the oven, spritzing the loaves liberally to promote a nice crisp crust. I crouched down, turned on the oven light, and peared in to watch the mass genocide of yeast take place. They smell so nice when they die in their glutenous graves.

While the second tray was baking, I went through my morning routine (The three Ss: shit, shower, shave). When I was finished I took out the second tray and allowed twenty minutes to cool, watching Regis intimidate 98 degrees. I then took my perfect bagettes, purchased cheese, and well baked pecan pie and jetted off to the U.

School went well.

On my way to the office I called my girlfriend to find out why she was not at school. She said she was sick. I offered to drop some soup off for her to her apartment on my way home, but she told me to nevermind and that she was going to her night class. I guess I didn't feel bad cheating on her. She asked if we were getting together for dinner. I said no, and that I was getting together with some old high school friends tonight. That was fine with her.

Work went well.

I arrived at my friend's house. She was out, but our good mutual friend was there. We talked, and I unpacked the bread, cheese, and pie I had brought for them. When my friend arrived home and I saw the joy in her eyes from my baked goodies, I knew the effort had been worthwhile.

We ate, we talked, then it was just her and I. We talked intimately-- about loves past and present-- and I know now that she and I will be together someday. I think I must wait until after she spends next semester away in England. No need to start a distance relationship, yet. Is investing in another intimate relationship cheating? I think it might be: but I don't care.

For now, my present girlfriend knows nothing. And god willing, it will remain that way until I exit stage left.