Club Me to Death

Today my girlfriend made plans to meet with one of her best friends in town. A Korean-American adoptee by the name of Holly. Now Holly is a sweet girl, but I feel like she has been bruised by life a few times and she just refuses to kick back. She has manic-depressive tendencies.

Holly, her Korean boyfriend, my girl, and myself all met at the Korean Singing Room (a la Karaoke) and belted out the tunes for a good two hours. My girlfriend and I had actually invited a few of our good sushi chef friends to join us; but they informed us they were going to be late. They arrived an hour-and-a-half after we had been there.

Anyways, Holly got rather jittery and said that she wanted to leave and go clubbing. That is sort of her deal: she likes to escape reality and go clubbing a lot. Everything is cool when the music is loud,the lights are flashing, and she is high as a kite on X.

I did not really want to go, and neither did my girlfriend. But Holly wanted to go so badly that she even offered to pay for the whole evening. I felt bad too, because our other friends had only just arrived. About the only thing that I would do if we went to a club would be to see Wookiefoot, who was playing at The Quest that evening.

I suggested it to Holly and it sounded like a go. I arrived at Quest first with my girlfriend, payed the $24 ticked price and grooved to the music. Now, I know that it wasn't exactly my girl's choice in music, but she seemed to groove along to it pretty well.

Holly arrives 30 minutes later (don't ask me what took so long). Her boyfriend pays the cover, she hears one song and says, "this totally sucks. I want to go hear the techno upstairs." My girlfriend wanted to be with her friend so she asked if we could go to the other show as well.

If you know The Quest, you know that the club has three venues: the downstairs, the upstairs, and The Ascot Room which is connected to the upstairs and by a private stairwell. I found out that the cover for the techno that night was an additional $20/person, so I wanted to sneak in through the upstairs. No go, the door connecting the two areas was closed and locked.

I tried sweet-talking the ticket agent into letting the four of us in claiming, "I was entertaining three Korean nationals who mistakingly bought the wrong tickets." My little attempt failed. Holly's boyfriend got impatient and just layed down another $40.

Now I am not cheap, but I am also not stupid so I told my girlfriend I am not following them unless I can get us in for free. Luckily, I know some of the people at The Quest through some of my dad's connections and I talked to a bouncer I was acquainted with. After some begging and some attempted palm greasing he told me they would open The door to the Ascot Room for 15 minutes for me.

I went upstairs and walked in without paying the cover. Here is the climax of the story: I was greeted by Holly, higher than a kite who was foaming at the mouth and dancing at us armed with glow sticks; her boyfriend screaming obscenities and being extremely aggressive because they opened the door after he just had payed an additional $40 of which they would now not refund (I never told him I was the man responsible for getting the door open!); and my girlfriend who hated this music WORSE and was now made uncomfortable by high-Holly, angry-Korean-boyfriend-man, and by moving around so much. She went into silent treatment mode: she just shuts down when things do not go as she likes them to.

After 10 minutes, I took her by the hand and the two of us left together. I would say it took her two days to fully recover emotionally from this incident...

To paraphrase the Red Hot Chili Peppers, "her love is like a roller coaster baby, baby."