Marukawa artifically flavored bubble gum is perhaps the best bubble gum in the entire world. My girlfriend introduced me to these little round chewy morsals of joy when browsing through Kim's asian grocery. She said to me in her cute little Korean accent, "dees are da best gums!"

And in fact, I am here to tell you that dees are da best gums. They come in two shape varieties; round spheres with orange, strawberry, grape, and melon flavors; and rectangular bars in green apple and peach.

For being artifically flavored, you wouldn't know it. The flavorings of the gum are dramatic in the real essence of the fruit. Amazing what Japanese flavor scientists must be cooking up.

They also blow awesome bubbles. If I chew all four of the little gum balls in one pop I can make a bubble as big as my head!

The logo on the "set" of four flavors of the gum is a little hollow round dot (the maru character) with the character (kawa) "river" inside of it. Hence, marakawa.

Nutrution Facts
Amount Per Serving: 1 box (5.6g)
          Calories: 20
         Total Fat: 0g  (0%)
            Sodium: 0mg (0%)
Total Carbohydrate: 5g  (2%)
      Sugars      : 4g
           Protein: 0g