Today was a by the book day.

Spiido Riidingu Tesuto

I took my Japanese Kanji speed-reading test today. I had a couple of minor brain-farts (like not remembering how to say the rest of the numebr eight in a particular context). It made the teacher laugh. I hope I sitll get an A.

Worked on Stuff

Finally solved the memory mapping issue I was having on the OS-That-Shall-Remain-Nameless. Damn, why can't they just document this stuff?

Dinner With Dad

My brother and I joined my dad for dinner over at his house. He made some middle-east influenced chicken. He still hasn't got out of that groove since he came back from Moracco. Pretty damn tasty.

I then beat his ass in backgammon 4 games to 1. I am not five points away from taking the one-hundred point match we started way back in '99. Yay!

Then I listened to my dad and my brother Jam heavy metal. Ah such a wierd bunch of people we are...

What's the Deal With Hell Anyway?

Driving back home my brother and I saw a church with this written on a glowing sign. We got out to take pictures. A car saw us and speed away like they were going to be getting somebody (hey, were not vandals, we were just taking pictures, man!). We wrapped up in a hurry.

If you want to see the pictures, or anything else I have taken /msg me and I will shoot you the URL.

More Kanji and Other Stuff Noded

Sat down to a very healthy noding session, and noded the followling:

All the kanji makes me sad and makes me think of sensei.