Today was a good day.

What a Good Day Means to Me

I got to sleep in, ah yes, almost an essential for me to have a truely good day. Next to this, of course, I would take waking up naturally early, but this hardly ever happens anymore. I guess I will have to wait to become middle-aged like my parents before I have a hard time staying asleep for more than six hours in a shot. Am I strange because I require ten hours of sleep to feel well-rested?

Who knows, it might be mono.

I followed up the heavy sleeping session with reading more of Harry Potter: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. At some point, I got sort of sick of laying around in the same spot and drew a hot bath. Then I finished about three-quarters of the book in there. I really never expected these books to be quite so entertaining.

Brighter Spirits

My girlfriend called late in the afternoon and said she wanted to take me shopping for some new jeans. The ones I have from the GAP are starting to look a little too 90s grunge, I guess. Time to prep up.

We went to Rosedale Mall and headed straight into Dayton's (on an aside: I hate the fact they are changing their name to Marshall Field's). She picked out some cute Guess Jeans and a shirt. One-hundred twenty dollars later we were on our way. Ended up swinging by structure to round it out to an even two-hundred. Damn it is expensive to look good.

Steve No More!

Called Yumi's Sushi Bar to see if Steve might be "filling in," so we could get some awesome sushi. The lady on the phone told me he wasn't even going to be doing that any longer. What a shame!

We ended up going to Tanpopo, a Japanese noodle shop, and ate very well.

Out 'till 2:00am

After we will well fed and in high spirits we went back to her apartment, fooled around, joked, and talked. It was a fabulously good time. I left her place at about 2:00am, ad did not get hit on the way home from a St. Patrick's Day drunk. All this combined makes today a good day.