Today was a lame day.

Why Are My Emotions A Harmonic of Others'?

My girlfriend is depressed about the present condition of her life. Over days of contact with her in this condition I am beginning to feel down.

Damn, and I thought it was mono!

I'll Map Your Page Table

I read a few papers today on virtual memory subsystems and got enlightened on how to solve my super-secret problem. God, I hope I can finish it this week. I am starting to look pathetic to my geek peers.

Poop, Damn You, Poop I Say!

My damned near anal rententive and depressed girlfriend refuses to take the take-home poop-in-a-cup test to see if she has some strange Asian intestinal parasite. I begged her to perform the dirty dead before we leave town. The last thing I want is to have to go to the hospital because she has a happy Amoeba colony growing inside her while we are on vacation.

Now I don't know, but if I were her: I would take pooping in a cup over the chance of shitting out a big tape worm later on any day.