Today was a bad day. least, I think it was

Oh sure, the day started off alright. I got up around two P.M. after going to bed late.

I didn't mean to go to bed late. I got home in plenty of time to go to sleep before midnight, but I just couldn't sleep. I guess it was the thrill of forging a new and intimate relationship with someone other than my present girlfriend that made me stay up.

Mediocre Orgasms

I slothed around the house for awhile and then decided to get to working on studing my Japanese and preparing for a paper which is due next week. Next week also happens to be finals week. I cannot wait until it is over, much for the same reason I cannot wait until the holiday season is over.

Why? Because to me it seems as though there is so much prepratory work into building up to something which we feel is going to be great, better than any previous holiday or test we have taken before: and all it pans out to be is one mediocre orgasm. Grandma bitches about how her kidneys hurt while spooning out cranberries, and I get a B on my final.

The Worst Part of the Day

The worst part of the day comes now. I take a shower and get all shiny to go pickup my girlfriend so I can do her Physics homework for her. The Minnesotan weather sucks outside, and at five P.M. on a Saturday traffic is like rush-hour because people cannot remember how to drive in the snow.

I am running late now, so I call her. She informs me not to park at her apartment because we are going out to a library to meet some of her friends to study. I am so angry about the traffic, I don't realize exactly how stupid this idea is.

I pick her up and get lost on my way to finding the library. I talk to her friend that barely speaks English and she somehow is able to steer me towards where I need to be. An hour is wasted.

We get to the library and stand outside in the bitter cold until her friend comes to the locked door to open it for us. We go into the library and sit down, me being the only one of four others who does not speak Korean. My girlfriend then proceeds to show me the entire scope of the work she wants me to do for her. Two assignments and a lab report. About six man-hours of work.

I grumble a bit and set to work. After awhile I ask her when we are going to eat, as I haven't eaten all day. She tells me that that wasn't part of the plan. I say, "WHAT?" I guess everybody had eaten except for me, and since I had gotten up at two that day, I hadn't bothered to feed myself.

So here I am, hungry with about six hours of work in front of me that isn't mine amongst a crowd of people that don't speak my language. Exactly how did I get into this situation?

To spare you (and myself) the details, I say that I have to leave to eat. Sudenly everyone wants to come along. They suggest a bunch of greasy-ass places I couldn't imagine myself eating as the first thing I shove into my mouth that I pick an Italian joint.

My girlfriend is obviously saying how bad she feels to her other friend in Korean (I know enough Korean now to know that is what she was saying), and she breaks down and crys in the car. I let her know exactly why I felt the way I do, the traffic, the change of plans, the friends, the not eating, the poor planning, all the work: and she tells me that she doesn't even want to be by me because she feels so bad.

What a wimp. Ah well, we eat and I pay for everybody. That gets everybody in a good mood and I go home for the evening with her homework in my car. I am just about to get started on it now. What a wuss I am.