Today was a good day.

Things I Have Learned to Do in My Sleep

Somehow, over many years of practice I have learned how to turn of the alarm clock in my sleep. This is very bad for morning lecture. I have now missed it three out of the last four times.

I was too tired to care, evidently. Oh well, I got up in plenty of time for my next class.


Yesturday, which I did not node, I had a minor spat with my girlfriend. She is very religious. I am not. I think most religion is misplaced in its values, at least in America so I choose not to participate.

I guess I feel as though she is always trying to do the Christian thing and save my soul by converting me to see the errors of my barbaric ways. Actually, all she tried to do this time was to ask me what Christmas was to me. I snapped at her and told her that I thought Christmas was nothing more than a consumer-fed marketing orgy. It only gets worse from there...

She told me she would like me better if I was as religious as she was. I told her I will never visit another church or synagogue for the rest of my life unless they ship my ashes to one by mistake.

Today we made up. That was good. It may be a superficial ploy to get me to help her with her Physics homework...but as usual I could care less.

An Engineer's Work is Never Done

Work went well. I am finally beginning to get set on the task I was hired to do.

What? Tell you about it?? No way! This is secret start up stuff!!

Field Trip!

We all knocked off work early today so we could go across the street to tour the Ford plant. It was pretty neat. I was dissapointed that I couldn't take pictures inside the plant, however: there were lots of pretty sparks shooting around.

One of my co-workers has a strange problem, he attracts bogons. Everything breaks around him. We expected nothing less than pure hell to unleash when he set foot inside of that plant.

I was standing next to him, and we were mocking the 1970's era PLC equpiment used to control the spot welding robots when a hugh spray of sparks hit him square in the face. They didn't hurt or burn his clothing; but they did leave him covered in a fine covering of oxidized metal shavings. He called them his bogons in flight. I had never seen a bogon before!

Trust Issues

I ate dinner with my dad tonight. He made Marrakech chicken. An Arab influenced dish. Imagine a sort of cumin, orange, spice flavor on chicken. Very...interesting.

Anyway, the meat of out conversation was that he determined that he broke up with his last girlfriend because she was secretly trying to get pregnant without his consent. That's a no-no as far as I am concerned. Scary!