Today was a good day.

Social Security

I went to the social security office today to get a new card as proof of something in order to be employed with my new employer.

Mom needed a new name on her card too, since she married last, and we set off together. It was the best government experience I had ever had. Fast, free, and relatively painless.

Level 6!

I hit level six today; and figuring that I had written enough technical nodes to earn my bullshit I noded something highly experimental and really enjoyed the split of votes.

Now that I've hit level six, I'll have to be more repectable...or something.

It's That Friendly Type of Year

Went to my friend Steve's house for dinner. Ate tacos, drank wine, and played lots of backgammon. I am now up 3 points in the game we have been playing for 6 years. I love that fact it is always so neck-and-neck!