As supplimentary information:

The state which is widely credited for creating and supporting the idea of Charter Schools the most is the state of Minnesota.

Edison Schools is a large, publically traded (stock ticker EDSN), charter school system. To quote from their web-page:

Edison Schools, founded in 1992, is the country's leading private manager of public schools. After engaging in three years of intensive research and development to design innovative schools that could operate at public school spending levels, Edison opened its first four schools in August, 1995, and has grown rapidly in every subsequent year. Edison has now implemented its school design in 113 public schools, including many charter schools, which it operates under management contracts with local school districts and charter school boards. More than 57,000 students currently attend Edison partnership schools.

Edison, aside from most other charters, fully admits to be out to make a profit. It may or may not be bullshit. But it will be an interesting journey for the company, share-holders, and children none-the-less.