Ammonia is a chemical that is common on Earth. My first experience with ammonia was when I had to give some blood for a blood test. Some chemical was given to me to prevent me from fainting, in which was some ammonia. Its smell can be bitter and pungent. It is made of one atom of Nitrogen and three atoms of hydrogen, thus its chemical symbol is NH3.

Although ammonia is in smelling salts, the amount given to me was a typical "dosage". If I was given more than that "dosage", then it could have killed me. Chemically, ammonia is a gas that is very deadly due to its toxic properties. However, ammonia plays a crucial role in the making of items such as manure for agriculture, and stynthetic fibers.

Melting Point of Ammonia: ­-77.7°C
Boiling Point of Ammonia: ­33.5°C