Gerald Gardner

The undisputable founder of the modern Magical Art, Gerald Gardner was born in England in 1884 and spent most of his lifetime in Far East. After his retirement and his stay in New Forest (Enland), he was initiated by Dorothy Chatterbuck into the paganism. In 1994 he published "High Magic's Aid", a historical novel in which he described medieval magical practises. In the 50s (when the last laws against the Magical art where withdrawn)he started talking openly about his beliefs, and the Wiccan branch which comes directly from him and his practises, is named after Gardner. His most famous book is "The Book of Shadows", where he describes rituals and ceremonies, is highly influenced by Alister Crowley, an ancient book "The Key of Solomon", and last but not least by "Aradia, the Gospel of the Witches", by K.G.Lelant.